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1 – Is this opportunity a franchise?

No, it is your business to operate exactly how you want. You get to decide the price you charge, how to market and most importantly what to call your business and give it its very own identity!

2 – What support do I get?

As well as receiving full access to our “Secret Tools” program you will receive ongoing technical support on how to use the software. This means whenever you have any technical questions on “how to do this” or “I’m not sure what this button does” all you have to do is submit a question through our online support system and a member of our team will respond to you in no time at all.

3 – Do I need any technical experience?

The only commitment you need to make is that you are going to work hard and follow the program you receive. The software you receive can be operated with basic computer skills. We will share with you all the latest advice on how to design websites.

4 – Where can I operate my business?

The customers you attract are likely to be within the country you live in. You have full rights to operate your very own web design business with no restrictions.
Finally let me explain what this oportunity is NOT…

  • It is not MLM or network marketing pyramid where you pester the people you know to give you money
  • It is not a franchise where you have to spend a small fortune on equipment, leases or have the hassle of hiring staff
  • It is not a get quick rich quick internet scheme
  • It does not involve hard selling as you will wont be promoting a service that organisations don’t need

What this opportunity is…

It is your opportunity to operate your very own web design business using the “Secret Tools” we have developed over the years to assist you in making your business a success. These tools are proven to have built numerous success stories, with numerous businesses using them to generate revenue of over $80,000 per year.

This program only costs $13,995!

Get in touch with us now to find out whether the program we offer is available in your country.

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