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Is it for me?

Running your own business isn’t for everyone.

The people who enjoy the most success with our program tend to have the following characteristics:

  • They are energetic
  • They have a strong desire to succeed
  • They are highly driven
  • They are motivated by the opportunity to provide a better life for their family.
  • They are passionate about making a change
  • They take ownership of everything they do. We can provide you with our “Secret Tools”, but ultimately the level of success you achieve will be down to you
  • They are friendly and chatty and enjoy meeting new people and socialising.
  • They can manage their time and are well organised

If that sounds like you that is fantastic news! If it doesn’t then maybe running your own web design business isn’t for you!

To be successful you need to be prepared to bring the following to the table:

John Elwell

Firstly – You need to take all the information we provide you with, “Secret Tools” and actually put it to use. If you are going to sit there and expect your business to suddenly spring into life without working hard our program will not help. Likewise if you are the sort of person that gives up the first time things get difficult, then maybe you need to consider this very carefully. You need to put the hours in, you need to work hard! THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.

Secondly – You need a computer that is connected to the Internet. As soon as you mention web design, the perception is you need to have a fancy computer with all the latest programs that is not the case! The software we provide is online and can be operated from anywhere in the world. We will also share with you best practice on how to design websites.

Thirdly – You need to be friendly, outgoing and most importantly be enthusiastic about your business. Sharing your enthusiasm will drive your business forward. If you struggle to get excited running a web design business is not for you.

If any of the points above set off alarm bells maybe you need to consider doing something different.

Why is web design such a fruitful market? Why does it work? Find out why here

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