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What Is the Bluesky Group’s opportunity?

We give you a full support suite that enables you to generate both an instant, and a residual monthly income.

Would you like the opportunity to be:

  • Earning lots of extra cash?
  • Working from home?
  • Choosing your own hours?
  • Be working part time or full time and generating a fantastic income?

Using our proprietary softwar to operate your Web Design business, you can do all of this. No technical knowledge is required!

You have the chance to sustain a secure, lucrative long term business that provides you with the financial freedom you have been waiting for.

What are the Bluesky products?

What are the bluesky products

We provide you with everything needed to get your business both up and running quickly, and to sustain its development. Our product is all of the following:

  • It is an opportunity for you to use our “Secret Tools” to design websites for organisations in your community.
  • You will gain access to our web design software and we will provide you with tips and advice on how to design great looking websites that look like this…
  • Every website you design you charge an upfront fee (at a price you decide) and then make a fantastic residual income by charging ongoing support fees to every customer!
  • You will receive everything you need to operate your very own web design business, including your own website, access to our easy to use management system, guides on how to grow your business and much, much more.
  • Each website you design is hosted for you. You will receive constant support from our technical support team, leaving you to focus on your business and signing up new customers.

Activ Web Design Software

Our proprietary web design system has been honed and developed over the last 5 years to become the industry leader in its ability to design bespoke, multi-function sites quickly, and easily.

The user does not need any technical knowledge to develop websites, as our software takes the science out of the build, leaving the user  just the creative side to deal with.

Search Engine Optimisation

You will be able to offer customers a unique search engine optimisation service that will boost visitor traffic and improve search engine rankings for their websites.

Our social media packages will enable you to offer prospective clients a cost effective program that will increase their business profile & presence through the regular use of major social media platforms.

Bluesky’s website auditing program allows you to produce a detailed analysis of client’s websites that will greatly assist you in explaining how our search engine optimisation strategies will dramatically improve their websites profile on the internet.

All of this is taken care of for you at head office!

We provide you with…

Flexibility – work whenever and wherever you like, from home, your favourite coffee shop, in the garden or your favourite lakeside spot. It really is up to you!

Freedom – This is your business, you’re in charge; you make your own decisions daily to achieve the financial and personal ambitions you have always wanted.

Quality of Life – Ever had those stressful days where your feet don’t touch the floor because you work full time, have a household to run and a family to look after let alone the cat and the dog! Take this away and work when you want to, around your family, leisure commitments and make more out of life!

Income – You will earn every time you sell a website or an SEO package! What you earn will be based on what you charge per website or service (don’t forget to deduct our monthly hosting fees, site launch fees or SEO service fees, check what these are in your country by getting in touch).

Security – If the goal is to give up full time employment, achieve a better future, do something you can be proud of and operate your own lucrative web design business fill out the form on the left.

Software – With the Bluesky Group you receive access to our purpose-built Activ web design software. This software has been developed to dramatically speed up the process of building websites freeing you up to spend more time growing your business.

Back office support – You will receive FULL support from the team at Bluesky Head Office on how to use the Activ Web design software. We have offices in the UK and Singapore, meaning that there is always someone available in your time zone.

Here at The Bluesky group we offer affordable, fixed price websites through our unique Activ software to businesses worldwide, and we explain the benefits of a website in a language the business owner understands.

The business owner does not want or need to know how the website will be coded or be given a list of technical terms on a quote that they don’t understand. They want…

  • Fixed prices
  • It to be hassle free
  • Transparency in the services offered
  • To know how a website will benefit their business
  • To talk face to face with someone about a website and receive peace of mind
  • This is what has resulted in The Bluesky Group providing over 1000 organisations with websites. It works!

However, as you will be operating your own web design business and what we are offering is NOT a franchise, you get to decide exactly how you operate your business. This includes the prices you charge, how you market your business, literally everything you do. We will give you an example guide, but please remember it is your business to operate exactly how you like…

To find out if operating a web design business is right for you click here

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