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Success Stories

Case Study: Activ Web Design in Australia

Australian mother makes a lifestyle choice by choosing the Activ Web Design opportunity

Danielle BeltramelliThe task of juggling work with family commitments can seem like a difficult step for some. Going to work when your mind is elsewhere is a common issue facing many working mothers. 32 year old Danielle Beltramelli found this a very familiar situation indeed.

Being a working mother, Danielle’s main joy in life came from spending valuable time at home with her 2 year old daughter. When she wasn’t at home she was at the bank where she was working part time – two days a week.

Wanting to improve her lifestyle she decided that she wanted to earn more money. Her main problem – she didn’t want to be working in an office at the expense of the time she could be spending at home.

She had to look for a different way of doing things. Living in modern times, she knew that the internet would open up a world of opportunities……

So Danielle began looking for internet businesses that she could run from home. She was looking to earn a second income in a career which gave her the flexibility she needed.

“I wanted to earn more money as I was only working at the bank for 2 days a week but I didn’t want to increase my hours there. I have a 2 year old daughter and didn’t want to have to send her to daycare for me to work, so I wanted something I could do from home which is how I came across the Activ Web Design license opportunity”

Activ was instantly impressed by Danielle’s passion and gave her an Australian license for Activ Web Design. Creating professional and affordable websites from the comfort of her own home meant that Danielle could be at home with her family and choose how many hours she wanted to put in.

Being a working mother with two part time careers meant that Danielle should have had a demanding lifestyle. Wrong – the Activ opportunity gave her the level of flexibility that she needed.

“Its a great opportunity to have my own business whilst being a stay at home mum. The Activ Web Design opportunity is going great, I am thoroughly enjoying it. It fits in very well with my lifestyle and my business is getting busier every day. I choose my own hours and work whenever I can around my responsibilities. At the moment I’m probably putting in around 10 hours a week so this level of choice is great for me and my family”

And its not just work and family commitments that Danielle seems to find time for. Danielle realises the importance of also making time for herself. The Activ Web Design opportunity did not risk her social life as she could choose to work around her social commitments – in fact she was now earning money so it helped!

“I love the fact that I decide when to work as I don’t think I could be without socialising with my friends and going shopping – I may be a working mother with two jobs but its important to have a bit of ‘me’ time”

The biggest benefit of all that came with the Activ opportunity – she didn’t go it alone. Danielle received unrivalled support from the Activ head office in areas such as sales/marketing and technical support. Talking about the licensee support package Danielle adds

“The guys from the support team are very friendly. They deal with all my questions extremely quickly and are more than willing to take the time to explain things thoroughly”

Danielle took the first step… and she didn’t regret it.

Case Study: Activ Web Design in Australia

Activ Web Design makes the perfect family business Eric Fitton (49), an ambitious Australian entrepreneur, was looking to run a successful online business which is why he began searching for internet franchises with the help of his wife Julie.

Eric Fitton“We had looked at lots of opportunities and browsed through many web sites including franchises and were not able to find the right opportunity that suited our lifestyle, we did come across a couple of franchises that were close to what we thought might be the right one only to find the start up costs and the commissions involved were too expensive and did not leave you with enough to also enjoy a good lifestyle which is what it is all about. Then I came across the Activ Web Design opportunity and it quickly got my attention”

Eric already had a full-time job so he decided to look for an opportunity that he could do in his spare time – so he began looking for a home based franchise.

“I have always had a great deal of interest in technology and design so when I spotted the Activ advertisement it got my attention straight away. Initially I took it on part time as I have a full time position which takes up most of my time, my thoughts were that I could fit Activ in during my spare time”

Eric saw demand for web designs increase and also found that he could offer other services too. The number of customers he got through his web site rose quite sharply. As Eric was working full-time he brought Julie on board to meet the extra demand. Together they began to make the most of what the opportunity could offer – in turn Activ Web Design QLD became the perfect family business.

“My wife and I had always fancied having our own family business. As the business developed and generated a number of additional opportunities, it needed more attention which was great for us as my wife got involved in the day to day running of the business”

The Activ Web Design opportunity changed their lives completely. A once traditional household was transformed into a modern business operation with both husband and wife working together to achieve their goals.

“Before Activ I had my full time job and my wife was at home doing the housewife role, things have changed much for my wife, she now has a goal to achieve with the business and although our days are pretty full and busy there is a great sense of achievement when we get a new customer”

Further opportunities came about showing that investment would be recouped quicker than they had thought……

“When I got my first customer not only did they want a website but a few spin off items came along with it, I quickly realised there were other value add services that most customers require when looking at a new site, especially if they are a new start up business. My first site led to 2 more sales opportunities which I converted into customers and I have not looked back since”

“We have great expectation for our business, as we grow we envisage there will be more opportunities to add more products to our portfolio of offerings to new and existing customers, word of mouth has been a great thing for us, it’s surprising how quickly word spreads, I have a new customer that called only last week, I have done a website for one of his business associates and he was so impressed he is thinking about re-vamping his existing website, we are now discussing the layout for his new site”

Today, Eric and Julie are known as the proud owners of a flourishing web design business. Eric still has his full-time job with Julie taking on the day to day running of the Activ Web Design business. They had the support of each other true but they also had the unrivalled support from the Activ head office who were never too busy to take a call.

“I have been really impressed with the support I have received from Activ Head Office in the UK, although I am 13,000 miles and several time zones away, I am always able to get hold of the support team when I have needed them, nothing seems to be too much trouble, when I ask for help it is there straight away”

Eric admits – “If I had to do it all again I would without hesitation”

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