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What Does It Cost

What Does It Cost?

The beauty of our product is that it allows you to deliver a much-needed service with great earning potential.

Before we look at the cost let’s take a look at the figures related to operating your very own web design business.

Remember, millions of businesses all over the world do not have a website!

As well as making money from selling websites to businesses in your area you also build up a residual income from monthly, yearly support fees based on what you charge…

As this is your business you get decide what to charge, therefore your earnings will be based entirely on how you decide to operate the business.

Before we go any further we must stress that all figures / earnings discussed on this page are for illustrative purposes only and are built on very basic assumptions but they reflect the earning potential that could be possible from operating your own web design business. Please remember your earnings will be linked directly with your ability, motivation and time you have available, and as these factors are outside our control we give no guarantees as to what you will earn.

Below are a few examples of what you could charge for a standard website based on where you live:

  • Canada – $799
  • USA – $799
  • Europe – €799
  • Australia – $799
  • South Africa 5,550 (ZAR)

Remember what you charge is down to you and these prices could be much higher if you so wish!

We will provide you with advice on how to use the software, including web design tips, share with you best practice and point you in the direction of how to create great sites.

If you were in the UK we would charge £499 for a standard website and £999 for an online shop meaning…

  • For every 10 standard websites you sell you would generate an upfront income of £4,999.00 with an annual residual income of £1500.00
  • For every 10 online shops you sell you would generate an upfront income of £9,999.00 with an annual residual income of £3,000

You also build up a great fantastic residual income from charging monthly or yearly support fees! For example in the UK we charge client £150 for a standard website or £300 a year for an online shop! This means every customer you sign up spends more with you every single year…

Now I am sure you are aware that there will be ongoing technical support costs, and website setup costs that are payable to The Bluesky Group to consider but even with these taken out it is still a fantastic opportunity! Get in touch today to find out what the specific ongoing costs are for your country.

Make sure you work out the figures specifically for your country. To find out if our “Secret Tools” are available in your country contact us now. A member of our team will then be able to give you a greater insight of realistic earning projections based on where you live

Operating a web design business can be moulded to suit all lifestyles, the more hours you put, the better your ability and the more you could earn!

So what does this opportunity cost?

Only US$5,995!

This will give you the rights to operate anywhere in your country. There are small ongoing charges to cover your website hosting, technical support and website set up contact us now to find out what they are. Suitable individuals may qualify for an attractive financing package, making this opportunity achievable for all.

No doubt by now you are going to have a number of questions about operating your very own web design business.

Therefore to make your life as easy as possible we have detailed a number of frequently asked questions we get daily.

Check out the FAQ section here

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