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What Is Included

Here is where you find out all about what “Secret Tools” you will receive from us to assist you in making your web design business a success.

Activ Web Design is a complete system. We have developed it over the years to ensure what we are providing you with is a system that works.

Our Secret Tools Include:

  • Manual 1 – Setting up your web design business
  • Manual 2 – Marketing your web design business
  • Manual 3 – How to use our web software
  • Manual 4 – How to deliver a website that benefits your customers
  • Manual 5 – Administration and account management

These Secret Tool are shared online through our Online Support Folders, which are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In there you will also gain access to:

Our Online Forum – This is where all our web developers discuss and share their experiences of what they are doing every day to grow their business. You can find out all about their top tips to assist you in growing your business.

Business Stationery and Marketing Material – This includes template:

  • Media packs
  • Business cards
  • Order forms
  • Invoices
  • Compliment Slips
  • Example Sales Letters that can be adapted easily
  • And much more…

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – Access to our “web design software”.

As well as all the above you will receive:

– Your very own website for you to market yourself as a web designer. This includes a full content management system for you to change the look and feel of your own website as often as you like

– Full access to a back office management system to manage your own web design business successfully which includes:

  • How to develop new websites for customers
  • How to make a website live on the internet once the customer is happy with it
  • Full record of what websites you have developed including information of when they are due to be renewed
  • Domain Name checker
  • And much, much more

– Your website will be on a domain name of your choice i.e. YOUR BUSINESSES name

– Email addresses for your web design business

– Statistical package so you can see how many people visit your own web design business website

– Full hosting of your web design website

– Full technical support for your website

As you can see everything you need to make your web design business a success has been thought of.

As you can see everything you need to make your web design business a success has been thought of.

Our team in the UK has ensured the systems our network of developers in the UK follow can be replicated throughout the world.

As a result of this we now have web developers in, Australia, France, Ireland, Spain and Thailand.

As web design is an online business it can be operated from anywhere in the World.

Well actually that isn’t 100% true, our “secret tools” are only available to entrepreneurs in certain countries….

To find out if our “secret tools” are available in your country please contact us by using the form on the right.

Below are further details of exactly what you will receive from us:

MANUAL 1 – Setting up your web design business

This first guide includes the key for setting the correct foundations when operating your very own web design business. In it you will find step-by-step information on:

  • Naming your web design business
  • The importance of your own corporate identity.
  • How to set up your home office, including how to keep your costs down and how to ensure your home office functions correctly and efficiently.
  • What systems to follow, to ensure your web design business functions with the minimum of fuss. For example information on how you collect content from customers (this might sound pretty easy, however the reality can sometimes be very different, we have a proven system that works time and time again to ensure your business remains profitable)
  • Information on how the websites you design are hosted, maintained and what technical issues you need to consider. These will include things you are unlikely to have considered, as you only find out about them when they happen. By having over 1000 customers we know exactly what to look out for and how to avoid certain situations!
  • And much, much more….

MANUAL 2 – Marketing your web design business.

This manual will be the one you use time and time again! It holds the secrets for making your business a success. Inevitably your success will come down to how well you market your web design business.

This manual guides you through a step-by-step marketing process to help you start generating cash as quickly as possible. It includes:

  • Marketing tips – how to gain confidence to ensure you pass this confidence to others when you are talking about your NEW web design business
  • Pricing – what price to sell your websites at. You will receive a sample-pricing guide that you can use. HOWEVER AS THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS YOU GET DECIDE EXACTLY HOW YOUR PRICING MODEL WORKS. To allow you to do this we will provide you with information on:
  • What to charge for, what don’t you charge for
  • When do you talk about price in your marketing
  • Pricing models that work
  • Getting your pricing right will dictate your business success and this section covers it all
  • How to avoid the common mistakes that almost every other web developer makes when they market their business (This section alone is worth THOUSANDS TO YOUR BUSINESS)
  • How to identify your target market and how to approach potential customer
  • Our TOP SECRET information on how you get CUSTOMERS TO CALL YOU
  • Media Pack – What it is, how to use it and why it is the most important marketing tool you will use!
  • This also includes a section on why not to use a laptop or computer when discussing websites with potential customers
  • How to market your business online. Increasing your exposure online will massively increase your chances of generating clients online. Business owners don’t use this as it is thought to be VERY EXPENSIVE. It isn’t at all, (as long as you know what you are doing) we will point you the direction to keep your costs at ZERO!
  • How to market the easy way and how recommendations and word of mouth will grow your business without you spending a PENNY!
  • How to fit marketing into your already busy day, ensuring it works for you, at the time you want it to!

Manual 3 – How to design websites using our “web design software”

This manual is 48 pages. It is a full comprehensive guide on how to use EVERY SINGLE FEATURE OF THE SOFTWARE YOU WILL USE IN YOUR WEB DESIGN BUSINESS…

However don’t be put off..

In reality you will only ever read a few sections of it…

You will find yourself referencing the same pages time and time again as you will quickly identify the basics of designing websites remains the same for every customer.

That said if you do want to read every single page and gain an understanding of every feature please feel free. If you do decide to grab yourself a warm drink, a pillow and be prepared for a long night!

Below is a quick overview of the sections you will use regularly:

  • How to design a website i.e. what colours to use, and how to upload a businesses logo
  • How to add pages, change the order of pages and delete unwanted pages
  • How to insert text and images onto pages
  • How to add products for an online shop
  • How to process payments for customers online

Our software ensures the actual development of the website is the easiest part of running your business, allowing you time to focus on the most important part of gaining customers!

Manual 4 – How to deliver a website that benefits your customers

This Manual is incredibly important to your business in ensuring you build up a sustainable business for years to come.

Did you know many websites DO NOT benefit the customer in anyway way what so ever!

That is an alarming statistic….

However it is hardly surprising when you actually stop and think about it?

This manual will tell you why this happens and how to avoid this and ensure you have happy customers who continues to use you year after year…

Quick Question – “What do you think happens with customers have a website that doesn’t benefit their organisation?”

Answer – “The customer ends up cancelling their website”

A customer cancelling a website with you is the LAST THING YOU want.

This manual will provide you with information on how to prevent this from happening as it includes information on:

  • How to ensure you don’t fall into the traps of other web developers when designing websites
  • How to ensure you achieve a very happy customer without compromising your profit margins
  • How to ensure your customer use you year after year…

Please make sure you follow Manual 4 to make your life hassle free!

Manual 5 – Administration and account management

Being organised will save you time and allow you to focus on the things that make you money rather than worrying about where and how you are going to collect payment from customers.

Collecting payments can either be the most satisfying feeling or the worst headache.

In this manual you will learn about how to ensure it is the MOST SATISFYING FEELING IN THE WORLD! It includes:

  • How to collect payments the easy way
  • How to set up automated systems to collect payments
  • Budgeting correctly. Make sure your business always remains on top of its cash flow (even after month 1)
  • How to invoice, how to avoid problematic customers!
  • Profit and loss planning. How to identify when you need to save more and when you can spend more and reward yourself for working hard!
  • Time management. The importance of valuing your time and ensuring the important things fit into your schedule
  • And much, much more!

Oh yes I nearly forget, don’t forget you also receive….


You do not need any technical knowledge to be able to operate it!

If you would like a demonstration of how easy it is to use please contact us NOW using the form on the right!

After reading everything above, the only question you have left to ask….

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